Board meeting tools can streamline processes of organization and speed up decision-making to improve productivity. They consolidate all relevant information and documents into a safe database and provide a range of features that make it easier for boards to communicate, collaborate, and share documents. These include: tools for scheduling meetings that automate invitations and scheduling; a document center to organize and distribute content; and polling and survey instruments to collect feedback and information from members.

Another feature that many board software programs have is the ability to host a video conference. This lets your team keep in touch even when they aren’t physically together. If you choose to use video conferencing, you must ensure that the technology is reliable. You don’t need to worry about issues with audio or image quality that could disrupt your conference.

A good way to test out different software is to request an evaluation or trial. You can test the software with a hands-on experience and determine if it’s right for your company. It’s also a good idea to look for software that has integrations with other tools, such as calendar applications and board meeting agenda templates.

Also, ensure that your software has robust security features. This is especially important if you intend to make use of the software to record videoconferences. This will ensure that your meetings remain private and cannot be viewed by eavesdroppers.

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